Traditional Marketing

The right message to the right audience

Marketing to us is communicating the value of a product, service or brand to clients and referrer’s, for the purpose of investing in, promotion of or selling that product, service, or brand. For those who feel more comfortable in the traditional world we aim to make sure your benefit as much as possible from your marketing efforts.

Marketing sits at the front of a business development pipeline, to create an awareness of a business. But we must ask the right questions and shape the right marketing strategy. For example; if 90% of your law firm’s business is attained from referrals and servicing existing clients then why are you only spending 20% of your marketing budget on loyalty marketing?

In a recent survey, purchasers of professional service products requested information on ‘value for money’ and the ‘billable hour v project fee’, and yet many professional service providers list their ‘expertise’ and ‘experience’ as the key areas for those potential clients looking to purchase professional service products. The survey also indicated that up to 50% of professional service purchasers are open to switching service providers.

Our agency understands how to market professional services firms and has established a dedicated practice to meet their special needs. We know just what to do to make a professional services firm succeed.

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