Social Media

Build Relationships through Engagement

Social Media

Do you feel social media is not relevant to your industry? Would you be surprised to hear that the largest growing demographic using twitter is the 55-64 age group and 45-54 on Facebook and Google+?

Asset managers are adopting social media as regulatory groups recognise it as suitable means to communicate. It is a way of reaching out to millions with the feel of a one to one scenario. Regarded as the most cost effective way to get your message heard. However, for most companies, having a presence on LinkedIn or Twitter, for example, is simply not enough. To get the maximum benefit out of your social media strategy, you need to do the following:

  • Promote your message and business in a manner that will not saturate or bombard your followers
  • Manage your community by attracting people you want to talk to as opposed to building up ‘fans’ of your page or feed
  • Engage consistently with your community and offer feedback, responses or thoughts on particular issues as they come up
  • Become an authority in your field by providing useful information to your community on a regular basis

We understand that managing social media platforms can be extremely time consuming. Our expert team can help you through the process through what we describe as ‘planned spontaneity’, where your message to your community is mapped out in advance. We can also help you manage the reaction to your messages through ongoing engagement with your followers.

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