Raising Capital

What message are you communicating? In a congested sector of 25,000+ funds how will you be heard? The majority of the available capital flows into the big funds of Bridgewaters, Blackstones, Carlyle etc, how can you compete?

The answer lies in using your size to your advantage, a smaller fund can adapt quicker, you can mobilise quicker. The larger funds still trudge down the traditional paths and even though penetration rates are 0.2% they will have more success than you because they have more resources to throw at it. The next advance in capital/investment raising will be the adoption of the type of marketing that is being utilised by every other industry;  The use of modern tools and language to deliver a consistent message, sophisticated communication strategies built around video, smart content, social networking and true analytics.

Get a head start on your competitors by using modern techniques within Fund Marketing, Fund Communication and Fund Distribution. If you are using sophisticated investment strategies why not compliment it with sophisticated capital raising strategies. New thinking, new tools, new investors.