image1Is an experienced business development professional with a history of working with blue chip companies through to technology start-ups. Brian has extensive experience in offshore marketing of financial and professional services to a global audience combining traditional marketing with social media and SEO. When you need assistance in increasing your global presence, Brian can help tailor the correct solution for you with his extensive knowledge in promoting trust companies, legal practices, governments, Individual Investor programs and Citizenship-by-Investment programs. 

Many firms are looking to seek instant success from their offshore marketing, Brian works with our clients delivering solutions and instant successes to clients offshore marketing.

Interests – Brian has a keen interest in music both listening and performing, travel, literature and wine

Brian’s contact details are:

M: +44(0)7841 657263


Twitter: @finscoms

Manage Your Brand Correctly

Within the congested asset management sector, brand recognition and brand equity is key. Ascertaining, defining and marketing your brand is vital in your company’s growth and success.

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The Impact of Brexit on UK UCITS

Written by Ken Carmody Should the UK vote itself out of the EU, the asset management sector will face considerable disruption. UCITS by law must be domiciled and managed in the EU meaning that Brexit could prompt a significant number of re-domiciliations. Currently,...
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Fear Fintech? Embrace Fintech

With Fintech shaping the financial service industry currently, how should fund managers react. Finscoms urges you to embrace innovation.

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5 Ways to Save Money Marketing Offshore

By scripting your website and marketing assets in a certain way, you can actually bring your prospective client closer by answering the standard questions in advance, thus reducing your lead time to billable hours.

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Is SEO the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Within the Offshore centres over 80% – yes 80% – of the websites are brochurial, and two dimensional. They are not even an effective communications tool, and have little or no value add to the recipient. However, a well designed site with a function, can achieve so much through SEO.

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Utilising LinkedIn to increase the digital reach of your Fund

Finscoms have shared some of the ways you can utilise LinkedIn to increase your digital reach.

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The Truth About Offshore Marketing

Many companies based in Offshore centres are failing to embrace digital marketing and are being left behind by competitors who do.

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20 Tips for Implementing the Marketing of Your Fund

Essential Tips for Asset Managers for the implementation of a fund marketing strategy.

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Will the RAIF be a good fit?

The Luxembourg Council of Government approved a draft bill for its proposed Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) in November 2015. Does it have enough to succeed?

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Fund Distribution is the sum of its parts

Fund distribution is not complete without fund marketing and fund communication. These two components are often neglected and thus can result in the fund making a negative impression unbeknownst to the fund manager.

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