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Marketing Support

Funds today are keen to explore on how they can and should be marketing, improving the way managers articulate their differential advantages across each of the evaluation factors investors use to select hedge funds. Do you have the time or expertise to manage correctly?

By working with Finscoms a fund will free up time, save costs, and effectively ‘market’ their fund to investors. As an alternative asset marketer we know that creating an effective process for identifying investors and pitching the fund, communication the funds performance and the investment opportunity to a fund is key to the fund’s success. We can become your central marketing resource or act in a consultative manner. Our strengths in this area are within;

Developing a successful marketing strategy

Creating a PR, advertising, and conference strategy

Providing valuable intelligence regarding the global fund market place

  • Funds of Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Client Asset Management Firms
  • Private Banks
  • Public and Corporate Pension Funds
  • Sovereign Funds
  • Structured Product Desks
  • Ultra High Net Worth Clients

Through our global network of locally focused, independent, alternative fund marketers we offer alternative investment managers the advantages of global distribution through a single channel.

We provide a one-stop marketing service from brand management to SEO to Social Media to website design to marketing strategy to analytics to video production and marketing.

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