Funds Start Up

The process of setting up, launching, and marketing a fund is a daunting one. Mistakes at this juncture can prove costly. It is vital to get it right from the beginning to avoid having to spent further resources trying to fix previous errors. Investors often give a fund only one chance to impress them. A bad start may see you forever tarnished.

Finscoms has experience in guiding Start Up funds at every step. Firstly, you must choose the ideal domicile for your fund and make your fund lawyer selection. Depending on the law firm and the structure of the fund, legal fees can range from $250k to $25k so you’ll need guidance in choosing an appropriate fund lawyer. Finscoms is known to Funds Lawyers, Accountants, and we would be delighted to recommend and assist you in your search and selection be it onshore or offshore.

What happens after you are finished with the fund lawyer and you are on your own? Once your ‘fund’ is ready to launch, how are you going to market to investors? We will help create a marketing strategy, create/design a brand, build a website, create a prospectus/pitch book, distribute this prospectus/pitch book, send emails to all your contacts, inclusion of your fund on, research/attend various funds conferences, boost your visibility online, work on search engine keywords/rankings, and believe me I can add several more areas that you will need to work. Best practice is to begin working with Finscoms in conjunction with your legal advisors 3 months prior to launch to create momentum.

Finscoms are a central marketing resource with over 25 years experience and expertise in the marketing, distribution of funds. We can become your marketing arm saving you time and wasted money. contact us to learn more about how we can launch and market your fund, or enquire about our Start Up package for Funds – click here