Digital Distribution

Fund distribution is not complete without fund marketing and fund communication. These two components are often neglected and thus can result in the fund making a negative impression unbeknownst to the fund manager.

In a congested sector, of over 25,000+ funds, investing in marketing and communication post AIFMD is critical. Thus building a solid platform to increase the reach of fund distribution. Digital Distribution seeks to make use of the most innovative tools at hand. A move away from the traditional mindset into the sphere where the new generation of investors exist. It’s clear to us where the asset management sector is moving;

  • An almost complete move from the traditional style of marketing to digital marketing. And the ‘Death of PDF’ in 2016.
  • An even greater evolution of fund products to match investor demand
  • The emergence of new distribution channels
  • The wide use of video to engage prospects taking into account the IT savvy nature of the ‘next generation of investors’
  • Investors seeking assurance of IT integrity of funds

The early adopters will gain greatest reward. Don’t apply the ‘wait and see’ strategy, digital marketing has radically improved other industries and will very quickly shake up the asset management world.

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