Clearly the fund industry is a congested market but with AuM to exceed $100 trillion by 2020 there should be enough available capital to be secured if your approach is right. Do you feel a part of the 90% of funds that are not being heard? Do you view marketing as an uphill struggle, time consuming, and ineffective? Is your fund established, can it be more visible?

If you are spending too much time with little reward, then speak to us, we are efficient and effective when it comes to moving your fund up to the next rung on the ladder. Too many funds sit in the same pool, using ‘push marketing’ with little or no reward, we provide a marketing support service where we design/redesign your marketing strategy, and then project manage this on your behalf, or advise and assist you with your marketing efforts.

Whether you have set up a Regulated or Unregulated fund we have found that fund marketing¹, fund distribution and fund communication are all required in order for a fund to achieve its strategic objectives. Building a fund strategy without these components will hinder growth.