Video Marketing

This is a rapidly growing area, it now looks unusual if you do not have video content on your website. You are given an opportunity to introduce yourself to investors and clients on your terms. With a pre-recorded video there is no excuse to not make the correct first impression.

Over 65% of the content on the internet is video and Youtube has become the second most popular search engine. By choosing to use video content you are opening yourself up to a huge market. Finscoms can guide you and set your video production rolling so that when ready you can take ownership.

If you consider the scenario of reaching out to an investor. If you were to send out a pdf prospectus your penetration rates are 0.2%, the pdf may not even get through the firewall and if it does it joins the pile of tens and tens of other heavy prospectus documents faced by the investor. By using video (preferred medium in the US) to record an executive summary of your fund you are essentially taking a shortcut to a face to face meeting, you are using your charisma to present your passion which is very hard to represent in text form. Now you have drastically improved your chances of capital raising. You can also use video to produce regular news feeds to promote yourself as an authority in your field, a great way to build relationships and trust.

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