Fund Marketing

Communicating the value of your fund

Post AIFMD, the marketing of a fund is key to achieving your strategic objectives. Marketing sits at the front of a fund business development pipeline, to create an awareness of a fund. If a fund were to draw a circle and include in this the many areas of marketing (brand, logo, website, communications, design of documents, SEO, social media, promotion, distribution etc) it should ask itself a question; who is going to manage Marketing? 

Finscoms acts in either an advisory role (marketing strategy, marketing plan, ensuring any and all marketing decisions taken are the rights ones, that you maximise the opportunities that marketing presents) or we in essence become a central marketing resource to you and your company (we would become a marketing executive, running and managing your marketing on behalf, reporting to you monthly). By working with Finscoms a fund will free up time, save costs, and effectively ‘market’ their fund to investors. As an alternative asset marketeer we know that creating an effective process for identifying investors and pitching the fund, communication the funds performance and the investment opportunity to a fund is key to the fund’s success.  

We advise our clients seeking to expand into new markets, on a country by country basis, with valuable insights on how Funds should be Marketed and how to Communicate your message to a target audience.

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