Content Marketing

Content Marketing is key to the success of your marketing strategy, there are limited advantages to ‘paying to publish your expertise’ except in the case of Mondaq where the rewards are clear to see (contact us to find out more on how you can benefit by learning more about Mondaq or you would like to maximise your Mondaq subscription), this is why we work with and advise our clients through the process of becoming their own publishers. Through Social Media and Content MContent-Mkt-arketing you will increase the inbound marketing opportunities to you and your company.

How firms market their expertise through the distribution of their content is critical. We advise our clients on the message to communicate, where to communicate this, the analytics, and show our clients a return on investment.

With Social Media it is possible to build your target audience through your social media assets, create and grow ‘online communities’ but first you should develop a content marketing strategy around your content. However is is important not to ‘push’ your content, but for your content to be found when a potential customer is searching online, or searching on a financial database such as Reuters, Lexis Nexis, FT, Mondaq and so forth.

The style of the content is key as well as where it is distributed. For more information on content marketing and how we can assist you with your content marketing strategy contact Edward Simpson

We are proud to be a brand ambassador for Mondaq who from a marketing perspective generate an awareness of you, your company to the international business community, by placing your content onto but not limited to Reuters, FT, Bloomberg, Factiva, Lexis Nexis, WestLaw, Mondaq, ICSA and so forth. From a business development perspective are able to show you the name and contact details of those that read your content thus enabling you to nurture relationships with those that read your content see image below. If you are a current Mondaq subscriber and wish to learn how to implement Mondaq as a part of your content marketing strategy, or simply dont have the time to manage it/maximise this opportunity then we can mange/maximise this subscription for you, contact us to find out more.

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