Showcase your strengths

Would it be fair to say that in general there is a disconnect between an asset manager’s financial acumen and marketing prowess? Asset managers are beginning to realise that they are now more than ever deeper in the business of marketing than in the business of investing.

It is common place for asset managers to use complex financial jargon when presenting to investors. Vastly different to the type of language a fund manager would use day to day and lacking resonance from the investor’s point of view. A relationship must be built between the asset manager and the investor before any capital is acquired. You are far more likely to build a relationship with an investor if you communicate in their language rather than relying on tired industry rhetoric.

We advise our clients on roadshows, events and webinar strategies. Through our networks we can put you in front of suitable audiences but even more importantly we will show you how best to keep their attention. Strictly presenting figures on performance, portfolio diversification, portfolio risk management etc…will not engage the majority of investors. They’ve heard it all before, again, and again, and again. Of course these topics are important but the investor will not focus on them until he/she is engaged. Performance doesn’t matter if the investor has forgotten who you are as soon as you leave the room.

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