Communication Audit

Are you communicating effectively?

Communications Audit

What is a Communications Audit?

A communications audit is a systematic evaluation of your communication practices that results in a complete picture of your current strategy, activities and programs. As part of the audit, you assess the effectiveness of your current communication vehicles to help you determine what is working well, what is not and what might work better with some adjustments. Your audit may be applied to the overall company or just to a specific project or campaign.

Why Should I Conduct a Communications Audit?

Investing time upfront in a communications audit will give you the knowledge and information you need to better target your communications and get the results you seek.

An audit:

  • Identifies the strengths and weakness of your current communications
  • Helps you allocate resources and budget dollars/euros/pounds
  • Demonstrates your willingness to listen and respond to stakeholders – helping to build stronger relationships
  • Allows you to be more strategic in your communication efforts
  • Empowers you to base decisions on fact rather than guesswork
  • Complies with providing annual report/prospectus to stakeholders

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