Fund Communications

The Financial Services industry has undergone significant structural changes in the last decade. Financial Services communications, however, remains primarily what it has always been: conservative, relatively undisciplined and focused on expensive traditional approaches. Is this the only way?

Our response was to build a financial services communications firm that understands the industry and is staffed by professionals from diverse areas of the financial services industry. We have developed a proven, proprietary process that is disciplined, pragmatic and client-centric. Finscoms is a tool enabling Financial Services businesses to communicate with stakeholders using the latest communication technologies (email, blogs, rss, linkedin, social media, digital video productions, cloud storage for print, website design and management) to meet legal, regulatory and fiduciary requirements such as:

  • NAV publication
  • Making a Prospectus and other marketing documents available to potential investors
  • Meeting requirements in relation to Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) being provided to investors before they invest in a UCITS
  • Publication of semi-annual and annual financial statements
  • Shareholder notifications
  • Notices for Shareholder General Meetings
  • Key performance indicators such as investment performance versus benchmark

Marketing and Communications for Financial Services companies focuses on brand awareness, opportunities for investors to invest, and client service. Our team is poised to build and enhance your reputation amongst clients and prospects through a variety of proven successful marketing and communications services. With an impressive background in Financial Services, our team already speaks your language. We understand the marketplace, current trends, opportunities and guidelines. We’ll communicate your messaging to your target audience in a manner that is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

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