Non-Exec Directorships

We believe we can add value to your fund with our 25+ years of marketing, communications and business development expertise gained within the financial and professional services sectors. We have a panel of suitable candidates who add value to your fund. For more information regarding our panel of Marketing Funds Directors please contact Edward Simpson

Why use professional independent marketing directors?

The directors of a fund are collectively responsible for promoting the success of the fund by leading and directing the fund’s affairs, directors we feel should be able demonstrate and develop a fund’s marketing and communications strategies.

What is the role of an independent director (and what value will they add)?

As long as the fund is investing in accordance with the investment strategies and restrictions disclosed in its offering document, the role of an independent director is generally limited to a high-level supervisory role reviewing the performance of the fund and its service providers (including the investment manager).

Independent directors add value by developing and implementing the marketing and communications strategies required by funds given the potential and outreach achievable through the internet, social media, cloud, communication channels, and other marketing initiatives.

What should I consider when selecting an independent marketing director?

Directors are individuals who come with different backgrounds, styles, interpersonal skills. The objective is to find a competent individual with a commercial mindset who will be responsive for the marketing of the fund, what message and how to communicate with investors, and to communicate the performance of the fund to a target audience.

How much will an independent director charge?

The directors are responsible for the oversight of the fund’s affairs. As such, they have personal liability and the penalties associated with a failure in fulfilling their duties will far exceed the fees they will receive. The remuneration of a director should be sufficient to attract and fairly compensate high quality individuals.