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Finscoms is a communication and marketing business established by industry professionals with significant experience and expertise, technical knowledge and a proven track record in relationship building, funds marketing, legal marketing and communications within the Financial Services Industry. Finscoms parent company is The Simpson Marketing Partnership Ltd

We specialise in providing proactive, professional fund marketing, distribution and communication services to funds and fund managers. We also specialise in marketing support to law firms and accountancy firms. We focus predominantly on marketing of funds, marketing strategy for funds, funds communications, NED‘s, and our proven communications audit to funds, and provide marketing support, strategy, reducing marketing costs without compromising on quality to law firms, trust companies, accountancy firms both onshore and offshore.

We partner with leading law and accountancy firms, fund managers, regulatory bodies, funds, contact us to find out more  on how we can assist you in achieving your strategic objectives and/or how we can explore partnering together.

Finscoms can be tailored to complement existing internal sales and marketing resources, provide an internal marketing support, or to provide a comprehensive outsourced solution.

Servicing the asset management industry and based in Dublin and Valletta contact us for more information on our services:

Dublin Ireland

T: + 353 (0) 1295 3844

M: + 353 87 625 2225


Valletta Malta

T: + 356 9978 8457


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About Our Team

Change your mindset
Our managing director Edward Simpson

Edward Simpson

Edward is a well-known marketing and business consultant to the asset management, financial and professional services sectors – both onshore and offshore. He has over 25 years experience in assisting small, medium and large funds, & some of the world’s leading law firms in developing and implementing their strategic business and marketing plans.

Edward has considerable expertise in ensuring funds and offshore companies maximise their full potential and increase brand equity among their target audiences. Employing search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure businesses feature in the top ten results of internet search engines, digital video marketing, as well as advising clients on how to utilise their websites to generate business, Edward has a successful track record of helping his clients to increase their market cap.

He is also an expert in social media, having successfully executed numerous online campaigns which strategically marketed clients to their chosen demographics and recently presented ‘Social Media – Is it worth it?’ to 30+ Managing Partners of US and UK law firms and is a leading traditional and online marketing consultant.

Interests – Being outside, country walks, reading, wine, travel, golf and field hockey. Edward has set up London’s newest hockey club – London Edwardians, and has just played for Ireland in Masters Hockey World Cup in Canberra Australia, and the Home Nations in Swansea.

Edward’s contact details are:

T: +353 (0)1295 3844

M: +353 (0)87 625 2225

E: emds@finscoms.com

Twitter: @finscoms

Account manager

Muriel McEntagart

Muriel has many years of marketing expertise having been account director within a large Irish Agency as well as Sales and Marketing Manager for House & Gardens Presentation Services

Muriel is the Account Director and works on a day to day basis with clients to achieve their objectives.

Interests – Interior design, property, Ireland, long walks and holidays

Muriel’s contact details:

T: +353 (0)1 442 7940



Our Funds and content meister Ken Carmody

Ken Carmody

Ken Carmody has over 12 years experience trading in global markets. He has operated as a local trader, pit trader, market maker, proprietary trader and is a licensed commodities broker, leading to a working knowledge of the asset management having set up and launched a fund.

Ken has a history of successfully arbitraging Dollar Index (DX) markets and proprietary trading equities, gold and oil. Therefore he understands client issues associated with mounting regulation and the expectations placed on Start Ups by institutional allocators of derivatives etc He also learnt smarter ways to catch investor attention through his years of trading which will save you valuable time and money. Ken’s expertise in being ‘seen’ by the investor is invaluable in Finscoms services – Fund Marketing, Fund Communications, and Fund Distribution.

Interests –  Rugby, Football, Fitness, Hiking, Painting, Music, Travel and Food.


Dave Fitzpatrick

David has over ten years of proven graphic design work specialising in corporate identity, all forms of visual communication, and marketing media that accompany these fields. From web design to annual reports, from packaging to environmental design, David can develop, design and manage your project through complex printing, implementation to delivery.

David’s aim is to encourage success through strong clean design, efficient communication, and to do it with impact. He believes that the importance of good design and visual communication is immeasurable. But primarily David understands is communication with the client is key, to bring ideas forward and to reach there target market is the bottom line.


Our marketing offshore guru Brian Murray

Brian Murray

Is an experienced business development professional with a history of working with blue chip companies through to technology start-ups. Brian has extensive experience in offshore marketing of financial and professional services to a global audience combining traditional marketing with social media and SEO. When you need assistance in increasing your global presence, Brian can help tailor the correct solution for you with his extensive knowledge in promoting trust companies, legal practices, governments, Individual Investor programs and Citizenship-by-Investment programs. 

Many firms are looking to seek instant success from their offshore marketing, Brian works with our clients delivering solutions and instant successes to clients offshore marketing.

Interests – Brian has a keen interest in music both listening and performing, travel, literature and wine.

Brian’s contact details are:

M: +44(0)7841 657263

E: bhm@finscoms.com 

Twitter: @finscoms

David Spring offshore specialist

David Spring

David Spring is a highly experienced marketing and business development professional having worked for over 30 years in the services sectors including finance and professional services, on and offshore.

He has operated for over 20 years at Board level and is renowned for his down to earth and practical approach to marketing and business development issues. 

Also known for quickly identifying the key issues David has devised and implemented a wide range of marketing programmes that have produced significant increases to revenue and profit within a B2B service sector. His specific expertise lies in developing multi-faceted marketing programmes that use a highly targeted approach focusing on satisfying identified target client needs.

He is highly regarded as a public speaker and speaks regularly on the international stage on brand building, delivering customer service and how to make an intangible service have tangible benefits.

Interests – David has a passionate interest in food and is an accomplished chef, a qualified football coach and he enjoys winter-sports, reading and music. A keen gardener he takes much pleasure in growing his own herbs and vegetables.

David’s contact details are:

T: +44 (0) 1684 592235

M: +44(0)7832 328545

E: ds@finscoms.com 

Twitter: @finscoms


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